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All brass accessories are forged in an advanced forging process, and the material is tested by a spectrum appliance to make sure all components meet the standard







The outer surface is made of high quality AISI304 stainless steel wires, which have the advantage of high strength, corrosion resistance; each batch is salt spray tested, before production.







Inner tube passes all necessary strict tests, which has the features of anti-aging, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, cold-resistant etc ,and truly is a non-toxic and green material.





 Braided by advanced professional braiding machines, the outlook of our connector is neat,non-broken, no jump, no overlap.
The braided connector, is cutted by advanced automatic cutting machines, and assembled by automatic assembling machines,to ensure the production in consistency, stability, and less human errors.
All connectors are 100% strictly tested  by the high accurate air pressure test machine, to make sure each connector is no leak and safe.





Each batch products are sampled for tensile test, hot and cold water cycling test, the burst test, and salt spray test, which complied to American standard.
Measuring tool is regularly calibrated by the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau.